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LMNucleus CMS is compatible with Nucleus CMS, but without the bugs of the latest official release of Nucleus CMS.

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What is this Slightly Some Nucleus site?

The purpose of this site is to give a continuation option for the Nucleus CMS project. All the Nucleus CMS developers have abandoned the project, and the Nucleus CMS project has officially been sunset. Nucleus CMS was in dire need for updates as the last version released contains bugs that make it unusable when run on PHP version 5.4 and later. Most of the current plugins are not developed any more, and some are broken when run on PHP 5.4 and later.

With this site I hope to give s 2nd life for the Nucleus CMS project. To achieve this I have released a fork of the Nucleus CMS project. The main purpose of this fork was to concentrate on fixing bugs. But since there seems to be some interest for continued development, there may be future releases with new functionality. I’m also setting up a plugin repository with plugins that are compatible with PHP version 5.4 and later. Plugins will be added to the repository on request.

For more information about Nucleus CMS i suggest visiting the Nucleus CMS project home page. If you have any questions regarding Nucleus please use the Slightly Some Nucleus forum. I can also be contacted by using the contact form for this site.

Download LMNucleus CMS 3.66

LMNucleus CMS is an unofficial fork based of Nucleus CMS 3.65. Version 3.66 of LMNucleus CMS fixes all known bugs in Nucleus CMS 3.65. If your Nucleus installation run on PHP 5.4 or later is it highly recommended to upgrade to LMNucleus CMS 3.66.

Download link for LMNucleus CMS and instructions for install/upgrade can be found on the download page.

Plugin repository

All plugins in the plugin repository are tested with LMNucleus CMS version 3.66, PHP version 5.4 and MySQL version 5.5. All plugins should also be compatible with Nucleus CMS 3.60 and later.

Nucleus Forum

If you have any questions regarding Nucleus CMS / LMNucleus CMS or want to discuss the past, present and future of LMNucleus CMS, this site have its own forum for this.

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