Experience the future of web content management with TYPO3 Neos

Introducing TYPO3 Neos: a radical new step towards the future of web content management has been achieved by the TYPO3 Community.

Built upon the state-of-the-art PHP web application framework TYPO3 Flow, this new Content Management System features a completely new approach to editing, previewing and publishing content on the web.

Neos integrates seamlessly with your website so you don’t need to re-think how the content will display under live conditions.

Executive Summary

  • Open Source – No license fee
  • Interoperability / API – Connectivity out the box with a consistent API
  • Rapid Development – Ready to go tools reduce development budgets
  • Ready For The Cloud – Excellent scalability and global content distribution
  • Flexible Content – Stored in a solid content repository
  • Content Sync – Distribute content in a multi stage environment
  • Multi Channel Publishing – Multiple editing modes and flexible preview concept
  • Touch Optimized – Publish to and from any device
  • Rich Editors Experience – Intuitive to use and no training required

Pit-Stop Assessment

The quickest way to find out more about the power of TYPO3 Neos is to look at these pages:

You need more information about TYPO3 Neos?

A special website has been published for the 1.2 release of TYPO3 Neos. Keep in touch with the latest developments and get full detailed information of our next-generation Content Management System.

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